Startup Wants To Pair Video Game Achievements With Coupons

For most gamers, the blip sound and tally of pretend points is reward enough for racking up in-game achievements. But a Silicon Valley startup is out to monetize the habit of achievement whoring, joining with advertisers and game publishers in a model that echoes Groupon.

Kotaku reports Kiip is looking for advertisers. Its site indicates Carl’s Jr., Dr. Pepper and Sephora, among others, have already signed on, and the platform indicates the service is limiting itself to Android and iOS games for now.

What this means for mobile phone and iPad gamers is that participants have developed yet another way to flood you with in-game advertising, but there are potential upsides, provided the coupons are worthwhile.

Games on Xbox and PlayStation 3 have long sold achievements to sponsors, but the unlocking never resulted in tangible rewards for players.

What do you think of the idea’s potential for good or bad?

Are You Ready for Ads in Your Achievements? [Kotaku]

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