Apple iPhone 5 Delayed To September Or Beyond?

You use to be able to count on Apple announcing new products like clockwork. New computers were shown in January while new iPods were in September, just in time for the holidays. And new iPhones? In June. Except this year, the new iPhone 5 will be unveiled in September. Maybe.

Apple fan sites, such as Apple Insider, claim to have unearthed several pieces of evidence that indicate Apple won’t make its usual summertime announcement of the latest iPhone.

In March, insiders claimed Apple hadn’t begun ordering parts to begin production of the next-generation smart phone. And now a new report from financial analysis firm, Avian Securities, says Apple might not even start production on iPhone 5 until September.

Forbes details a comprehensive round-up of the rumor mill time line while the Wall Street Journal’s Marketbeat rounds up a smattering of other analysts thoughts on the rumors. The most non-nonchalant opinion stems from Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities:

We don’t believe investors should get hung up with concerns on the exact launch date of iPhone 5. If the iPhone 5 is released in September versus late June…these sales will likely occur in the September quarter.

In other words, when ever Apple sells it, consumers will buy it.

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