Phone Tips For People Who Hate Phones

For people who’d rather live their lives by email and text messages, pressure to participate in actual phone calls can be an unreasonable burden. Lifehacker offers valuable tips to neutralize the annoyances phones can foist upon you:

*Disable your voicemail. Notifications do nothing other than fill you with anxiety and deliver unnecessary suspense as you trudge through the ritual to check your messages. If you don’t have voicemail, callers are forced to tell you what’s up by sending it to you in instant words.

*Use old, crappy batteries for cordless landline phones. If your phone will only allow you 10 minutes or so per call, it’s impossible for anyone to talk your ear off.

Check out the source link for the rest of the funny, useful advice.

If you can’t stand talking to people on the phone, how do you maintain your antisocial paradise?

Three Phone Tips for Antisocial People Like Me Who Hate Phones [Lifehacker]

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