U.S. Airways Adding First-Class Seats To Some Regional Flights

In an attempt to compete with some of it bigger, consolidated rivals, U.S. Airways announced this week that it will be adding first-class seats to 110 of the bigger jets in its regional U.S. Airways Express lineup.

According to the Wall Street Journal, starting in October, U.S. Airways Express travelers will begin seeing first-class cabins of eight or nine seats on regional jets with 70 or more seats. These seats will provide passengers an extra six to seven inches of legroom.

Additionally, first-class ticket-holders will receive the same perks as those traveling on the bigger U.S. Airways jets: priority check-in, express security lines, early boarding, free snacks and cocktails, pillows and blankets and priority baggage-handling.

A rep for the airline said that the upgraded planes will account for about 640 flights per day, most passing through U.S. Airway hubs in Charlotte, NC, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

The altered planes will lose anywhere from three to eight coach seats to make room for the conversions.

First-class upgrades on these regional jet are expected to cost $50 to $200 each way.

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