Say Hello To Your Worst Company In America Elite 8!

Two rounds of WCIA bloodshed are in the book and the beaten bodies of 24 multi-billion dollar companies are being hauled off to be burned on a pyre. But for those businesses left standing — let’s call them the Elite 8 — the parade of pain marches on.

This is familiar territory for many of this year’s remaining combatants, with Bank of America, Ticketmaster, WellPoint (aka Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield) and reigning Golden Poo holder Comcast all returning to the third round for the second year in a row. This is Ticketmaster’s third consecutive year in the round of eight and the fourth year that both Comcast and Bank of America have made it this far.

But these returning pugilists will have to face some pretty stiff competition to make it to the next level. Bank of America faces off against the largest retailer in America, Walmart.

Last year’s runner-up is set to square off with JPMorgan Chase, a bank whose WCIA clout continues to rise with each successive victory.

WellPoint faces perhaps the toughest — certainly the oiliest — challenge of the round when it tries to hold back BP. And Comcast defends its crown against AT&T, whose defeat of Apple in the Sweet 16 is probably the biggest upset of the tournament to this point.

*Bank of America vs. Walmart
*Ticketmaster vs. Chase
*BP vs. WellPoint
*Comcast vs. AT&T

*Bank of America vs. DirecTV
*Delta vs. Walmart
*Ticketmaster vs. Sony
*Capital One vs. JP Morgan Chase
*BP vs. Time Warner Cable
*WellPoint vs. Johnson & Johnson
*Comcast vs. Best Buy
*AT&T vs. Apple

*Bank Of America Vs. Citi
*Dish Network Vs. DirecTV
*United/Continental Vs. Delta
*Walmart Vs. Gamestop
*Tickemaster Vs. PayPal
*Sony Vs. Dell
*Capital One Vs. American Express
*Wells Fargo Vs. Chase
*Toyota Vs. BP
*Time Warner Cable Vs. Facebook
*United Health Vs. Wellpoint
*CVS Vs. Johnson & Johnson
*Comcast Vs. Charter
*RadioShack Vs. Best Buy
*AT&T Vs. Verizon
*Apple Vs. Microsoft

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2011 series. The companies competing for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. Keep track of all the goings on HERE.
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