Walmart Considering Online Grocery Delivery Service

One day, Walmart was walking down the street, probably whistling or twirling an umbrella, when it saw a Fresh Direct Delivery truck and a big ol’ lightbulb dinged on above its head. Even if that didn’t happen, the mega-chain is said to be considering offering its own version of online grocery shopping, complete with home delivery.

A source tells Bloomberg News that Walmart is looking into this next iteration of service, with an initial service launch in San Jose, Calif.

The plan has been dubbed “Project Titan” within the company, but hasn’t been approved and may not happen, the insider says, via New York Daily News.

Walmart’s home delivery service would face competition from already existing companies like Peapod and Amazon Fresh, and Fresh Direct in the New York City area, if it does indeed, come into existence and expands.

Walmart may move into online grocery delivery sources, compete with Fresh Direct home-delivery [New York Daily News]

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