Sad In-Flight Meals Are Enough To Make Us Lose Our Appetites

There has been a lot of shouting and complaining in recent years as major airlines like Continental and United have done away with free food on domestic flights. But the folks at have put together a gallery of craptastic airline meals that will make you glad you don’t have the option of chowing down for free.

From a lone, greasy croissant to a slab of cheese and bread, it seems mid-air cuisine has reached a new low, a trend Jaunted is more than happy to document.

They’ve gathered together some of the most egregiously unappetizing or just downright skimpy meals offered on airlines recently, including the delightful cheese “sandwich” platters offered by Lufthansa (above) and BMI airlines, below.

For more tasty temptations, check out the full gallery over at Jaunted.

Tell us your most stomach-turning tales of in-flight dining in the comments. And if you’ve got evidence of a sad in-flight meal, send me an email at or upload the photos to the Consumerist Flickr pool.



The Saddest In-Flight Meals [Jaunted]

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