Original Madden Video Game Creator Sues EA For Billions

Sports simulation games take strides to replicate their real-life counterparts, but Madden NFL game publisher EA would rather not be facing a legal dispute that somewhat echoes the NFL’s labor troubles.

An Illinois man who created the first Madden NFL video game, which was released in 1988 on Commodore 64, MS Dos and Apple II, is suing EA for potentially billions of dollars in profits, as well as tens of millions of dollars in back royalties. The Hollywood Reporter reports the man says he used his programming expertise and knowledge of Madden’s play-calling tendencies to make the game, and claims he’s since been cut out of royalties since 1992.

The Madden games have sold more than 85 million copies over more than 20 years, raking in more than $4 billion in profits.

An EA spokesperson said the complaint is “without merit.”

Video game creator sues company for billions [The Hollywood Reporter via Joystiq]

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