Apple Store Guard Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect

A suspect in a smash and grab robbery is dead after engaging in an estimated 40 shot gunfight with an armed private security store guard hired by Apple to protect its San Diego store, reports 10News and NBC San Diego.

Two men and a woman had shattered the store’s windows when the guard confronted them. One of the suspects brought out a handgun, the guard told police, and a gun battle ensued. The three suspects jumped into a car and drove off, then smashed into a light pole. One of the suspects was found dead inside, shot by a bullet that had gone through the passenger window. Police confirmed the bullet was from the guard’s gun.

The male and female suspect fled the crash and were found in an alley by police, who took them into custody. The male suspect was treated for a bullet wound in his buttocks.

With big glass windows and lots of shiny hot gizmos inside, Apple stores are often ripe targets for thieves.

In other news, Apple store guards are now packing more than smiles.

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