Man Buys 1 Powerade At Rite Aid, Gets 21 Inch Receipt

Josh bought a singular Powerade from his local Rite Aid. He handed over one dollar and thirty-six cents. In return, he received not only his Powerade, but a 21 inch-long receipt.

“The receipt I received was nothing short of ridiculous, he wrote.”

I’m sure that by “ridiculous” he meant, “nothing short of ridiculously awesome in terms of the amazing savings I got!” Check out all those dope coupons, bro. You got a +”UP REWARD” good for $1 off any Oral Care purchase of $10 or more, and another coupon good for $1 off any cough, cold or allergy purchase of $10 or more, AND the change to tell Rite Aid about the service you received and win $10,000! Do you know how many boxes of Allegra you could buy with that scrizzle?

Congratulations to Joshua for winning at Rite Aid.

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