Starz To Delay Putting Its Shows On Netflix

A day after hearing that Showtime will be pulling its show archive from Netflix comes bad news for fans of violent, orgy-filled TV shows about gladiators — Pay cable channel Starz won’t be rushing to put all of its original content on Netflix anymore.

From the NY Times:

The channel has been one of Netflix’s closest partners, but it backed off a bit from that partnership on Thursday, when it announced a three-month delay between the time Starz plays new TV episodes and when those episodes will be available on Netflix. Starz also said that it would impose a similar delay for movies sometime in the future, though Netflix said any such delay of movies would violate the contract between the two companies.

The first Starz original that will be delayed is the new Camelot series, which debuts April 1. As for Starz shows currently available on Netflix, the movie-delivery company’s rep Steve “Don’t call me Patrick” Swasey, says, “Everything that’s on the service now stays there… The value of Netflix is the completeness more than the freshness anyway… If you want to watch it when it airs, call your cable company and subscribe to Starz.”

Does the delay on Starz shows give you reason to be concerned about Netflix’s streaming content?

Starz to Delay Release of Shows on Netflix [NY Times]

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