Detroit Loses 25% Of Population In A Decade

The rallying cry of “Detroit, What?” may have to be changed to “Detroit, Who?” following US Census results that show the Motor City has lost 25% of its population from 2000 to 2010.

Once the fourth-largest in the nation, Motown’s population has dropped from 951,270 in 2000 to 713,777 in 2010. Residents have left for the suburbs and following the decline of the US auto industry have sought jobs in other areas.

Last summer I was in Detroit for a wedding and marveled at the bombed-out looking buildings sitting just off the main drag. I couldn’t believe a whole city like this existed in America. It was like driving by Dresden. I can see why people want to leave.

Detroit loses a staggering 25% of its population in a decade [CNN]

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