Unhappy Vegetarian Hurls Tray Of Food At Continental Crew

A vegetarian woman aboard a Continental flight from the Dominican Republic to Newark, NJ, was apparently none too pleased when she received a non-vegetarian meal. But rather than file a complaint with the airline, she reportedly opted for the less formal hurl-your-tray-at-the-flight-attendant tactic.

“She said she was a vegetarian and she didn’t like what she was being served,” an airline official tells the NY Post. “So she threw the food tray — and the food — at the attendant.”

When the plane landed in New Jersey, Port Authority police were waiting. The flight attendant believed to be the target of the tossed tray declined to press charges.

Continental recently got rid of free in-flight food on domestic routes. I’m sure there are at least a few people who are wishing they’d done the same for this particular flight.

No peas and Q’s for raging in-flight veg gal [NY Post]