MySpace Made It Really, Really Difficult To Cancel My Account

If MySpace were a scorned lover, we imagine it would be the kind that would hold onto your foot as you tried to walk away, crying desperately and clinging as you unwillingly dragged it along. Justin B. was done with MySpace, but instead of just accepting the breakup and letting him cancel the account, it flatly refused to believe it was over.

He alerted Consumerist to his cancellation plight, chronicled in a blog post, starting with a few innocent “click here” to cancel the account links and a few, “do you really want to leave?” prompts, followed by repeated entreaties for email confirmation, and finally flat out refusal to believe the truth.

All I wanted to do was delete my MySpace account.

I never use it any more, and most everyone that is my friend on there is on Facebook.

I seriously have absolutely no need for MySpace.

The only thing I ever get from MySpace is spam in my inbox, and spam friend requests (stupid promotion things, you know what I’m talking about, bands and tv shows).

Every time this happens, I get an email. Every time I get an email, my phone says “You’ve got mail”.

Even at 4am.

I have to leave the volume on the phone turned up for emergencies, since it’s my only phone. I need my emails on there because I work in the IT industry, and instant emails are required for my job.

So I’ve decided to cancel my MySpace account, and in turn, have entered the seventh circle of hell.

After frustrated time spent clicking through and finally emailing customer service, he ended up with a dead link to their user help area.

An update to his initial post offers some hope, however:

After writing this post, putting around the web, and notifying MySpace of it, they actually came through and offered to manually delete my profile, but only after jumping through some hoops to do it. (They asked me to log in to my profile and erase all the text content, to “prove” I had access to it…)

They tell me now that it will be removed within 72 hours. Let’s wait and see.

Fingers crossed! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

MySpace Won’t Let Me Cancel My Account [Apoc’s Blog]

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