Los Angeles County Battles Puppy Mills With Law

In an effort to make it tougher for breeders to crank out dogs as though they were on an assembly line, Los Angeles County passed a law that’s meant to curtail puppy mills.

Daily News reports the ordinance forces breeders to wait until dogs are a year old before beginning breeding, keep puppies until they’re eight weeks old before selling them, separate pregnant females from other dogs at least three days before they give birth and provide them with nesting boxes. Puppies will be required to be microchipped at four months of age, and pet stores will be required to disclose where they bought their puppies.

It’s pretty pathetic that such requirements needed to be put in place because some breeders crossed so many lines. What other regulations do you think pet breeders be allowed to follow in order to ensure humane treatment?

County passes ordinance to better protect animals [Daily News via Care2]

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