Worst Company In America Nominees And Their NCAA Equivalents

If you’re not up on college basketball but happen to be a Worst Company in America bracketologist, it’s possible to use your WCIA knowledge to generate a rooting interest in the NCAA Tournament, as well as vice versa.

Here are a few WCIA entrants and their NCAA counterparts.

BP came out of nowhere to have a huge year. Just like San Diego State, which has never been relevant in any way but this year oil-spilled just about every opponent it faced, running up a 32-2 record and No. 2 seed in the West.

Bank of America is a perennial favorite that’s maintaining its standard of evil empire style dominance. Just like Duke, the defending champ that everyone loves to hate, but is a necessary part of life and an always-easy pick to make a deep run.

Comcast is the consistent workhorse you can easily pencil in to the Final Four, much like Ohio State, which was ranked No. 1 for much of the year. While the Buckeyes won’t dazzle you with flash and sizzle, they’re a formidable opponent for anyone.

Upstart offender Facebook is the whippersnapper that does so much damage partly because it’s too young to know it shouldn’t be accomplishing so much so early, much like Memphis, the youngest team in the tournament, with a coach that just got out of diapers. It made the field by sheer luck this year, but looks to be a contender in the future.

Walmart is an organization that maintains a level of general offensiveness that makes it a lock for the tournament year in and year out, but always comes up short in crunch time when it takes on other giants. They’re the equivalent of Pitt, which won the nation’s top conference, the Big East, crushed our executive editor’s alma mater on the road by 30 points — “Even I won by 30 at DePaul,” she retorts — and has been seeded lower than 3 only once in the past decade. Yet their lone Final Four was 1941.

CVS is a head-scratching, “how the hell are they here?” pick. Just the same as BYU, a bizarrely dominant team (they beat San Diego State twice!) that succeeds despite incredibly high academic and religious standards, going so far as to kick off a key player for having sex with his girlfriend.

What other parallels do you see between the WCIA fields and NCAA Tournament teams? What did we get wrong? Help us out!

[Ed. note– Ahem, you forgot to mention that the DePaul women’s team is quite good, Phil. Go Blue Demons. -Meg]

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