Man With 4th Amendment Written On His Chest Sues The TSA

This 21-year-old was on his way to Wisconsin for his grandmothers funeral when he was handcuffed and held for 90 minutes on a disorderly conduct charge. Why? He opted-out of the “naked scanner” and instead chose the pat-down — at which point he began removing his clothes to expose a message written on his chest in marker. The message, of course, was the 4th amendment.

“He went there knowing he would not do the advanced imaging and do the pat-down instead,” his attorney said in a telephone interview with Wired. “He was making it easy for them and in the process he wanted to communicate his objection for doing so.”

The man is now suing for, among other things, wrongful detention and a breach of the First Amendment and Fourth Amendment. Despite the delay, he made his flight.

You can read the lawsuit here.

Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Sues Over Airport Arrest [Wired Threat Level]

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