A Reader's Story Of Woe, Humiliation, And The iPad 2

All this Consumerist reader wanted was to pick up a new iPad 2, bring it home and spend time playing with Apple’s latest technology. But he was thwarted, humiliated and bummed out by his efforts, as he sends in his anonymous tale of woe.

Probably the worst part was the moment he almost had his new toy in his grasp, only to have it whisked away.

He says he headed to the Apple store in Los Gatos, Calif. and waiting in line for four hours on Friday, before finally getting into the store and meeting the customer service rep who would sell him his shiny toy. He told him he wanted the 16 GB WiFi model, and the rep grabbed one and began the purchasing process. But alas, it was not meant to be.

He writes:

While I was waiting for the salesman to charge my credit card for the iPad and before he was able to swipe my card, another employee came over, took the iPad 2 and stated that all iPad 2s were “sold out” despite the fact that I was in the last phase of purchasing one. I was then told that there were “1,000 customers that wanted to come in the store and make their purchases.” I took that as a request to leave the store and left.

I stated that I had a return to make as well and I was still forced to go outside and I ended up waiting another 15 minutes before I was “allowed” back into the store to make my return. During the time I was made to wait outside (after being asked to leave) I counted at least 15 people waking in and out with newly purchased iPads (all of whom were behind me in line), several of whom were carrying more than one iPad.

I am extremely disappointed with Apple and the management and staff at the Los Gatos store. What should have been an evening of fun playing with a newly released product was spent in anger and shame as I was kicked out of the store and made to wait again before being allowed to enter the store again to make a simple return.

He adds that he’s still cool with Apple and its products, but that the Los Gatos store has totally lost his respect. He did contact Apple using their feedback site, but writes that he was unsatisfied with the response of a senior manager who only gave him excuses and didn’t seem to particularly concerned with making up for the bad experience.

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