Man Gives Up All Sustenance Except For Beer & Water During Lent

To everyone who thought you couldn’t have a less healthy diet than that of The McRunner, meet the Iowa man who says he’s going to consume nothing but beer and water for the entirety of Lent.

Yep, while some Catholics are giving up alcohol for the 6-week period leading up to Easter, this guy has gone the opposite route — and he’s not even Catholic.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The married father of two, who describes himself as a nondenominational Christian, says he became fascinated with the 300-year-old tale of doppelbock beer known as “liquid bread,” brewed by German monks who were not allowed to eat food during Lent….

He’s living on four 12-ounce Illuminator Doppelbocks a day, brewed for him by the Rock Bottom Brewery in Des Moines. Each beer contains just under 300 calories and is roughly 6.7 percent alcohol.

The man, who is a home brewer, says he’s been prepping for the beer-a-thon since August, packing on 20 pounds to help him get through the ordeal.

And get this: He says he has no intention of becoming intoxicated at any time during his experiment.

Beer and water for Lent, nothing else [Chicago Tribune]

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