Troll Dolls Get Sassy Makeover, For Some Reason

Retro toy doll sensation “Trolls” are coming back to shelves with a huge makeover. Instead of chubby bodies and hideous faces, the new dolls are basically “Bratz” with giant hairdos. The creatures are called “Trollz” and are tied in with an animated cartoon series. This is actually their redebut; after a lackluster offering in 2006, they are trotting out the dolls and the cartoon for another go-round. Second second time’s the charm?

I don’t know about you but I think the original Trolls would swarm over these munchkins and eat them for lunch.

Does this point to the over-sexification of tween marketing, that even the deliberately un-comely “Trolls” can get turned into into midriff-baring, miniskirted teeny-bop avatars?

Hot-to-trot ponies? Dolls that wax? Toys get tarted up [MSNBC]

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