Costco Sues For Being Forced To Return Rebate Money It Didn't Keep

What happens when you don’t claim a rebate? In Washington State, the retailer from which you didn’t claim the cash hands the money over to the state for safekeeping in a program for consumers who later claim the money. Costco, based in Washington, thinks that they should get to keep the money, and filed a lawsuit last week defending that right. This should be interesting. Costco, based in Washington, was recently forced to turn over money from its’ rebate program that it says it never even kept.

From Seattle P-I:

Costco paid the money, but said it shouldn’t be on the hook. In a complaint filed in King County Superior Court on Friday, the company said it uses third-party companies to handle its rebate programs, and that it doesn’t keep the money.

Costco also complained about how it got the bad news. It said the state had sent a bill with less than 30 days to pay up, with a “terse” statement that included a threat of monetary fines and prison, and no opportunity for appeal.

Costco sues state over $3 million in unclaimed customer rebates [] (Thanks, Anton!)