1800Flowers Fixes Balloon Mixup, Sends Refund And Replacement


Chad ordered flowers for his fiancee’s birthday from 1800Flowers.com, and they included the wrong balloon with her order, making Chad look insensitive in front of her family. That’s annoying. But don’t clear a space in the Garden of Discontent just yet, because a quick call to the company got Chad a replacement arrangement and a refund.

Just thought I’d share my disappointed-to-impressed experience with the Customer Service at 1800Flowers.com. My fiancee’ and I are currently living in separate cities for the time being and I wanted to surprise her with a nice bouquet of flowers for her birthday. I decided to spend a little extra and order an “I Love You” balloon to top off the package.

The flowers arrived as expected to her house, however, rather than an “I Love You” balloon, attached was a “Just Because” balloon. Mind you, her family was there to witness this package arrive so who knows what they thought (perhaps “What kind of fiance’ sends a ‘Just Because’ balloon on her birthday???”). I was embarassed, but mainly infuriated that 1800Flowers.com could mistake an order like this. I made sure to check the confirmation receipt (as well as the tracking number) and confirmed I did indeed order the correct balloon.

The day after Vanessa, my fiancee’, informed me of the blunder, I took action. I called up customer service and was greeted by a CS rep named Diana. I explained the story to her. Two minutes of hold time later, she offered me a $20 credit for my next purchase at 1800Flowers.com. Not only that, but to make up for the faux pas, they were going to RESEND another batch of flowers and the correct balloon (the original order). But WAIT! There’s more!

At this point, I was a satisfied customer, but I thought to myself, “does Vanessa really need a duplicate set of flowers just to justify a balloon?” I asked the CS rep to put herself in my fiancee’s shoes and question whether having 2 sets of the same flowers at your home would really alleviate the blunder that occurred (or just take up more unnecessary space on the counter). She agreed with me and ended up giving me a FULL refund of the original order!

I would like to praise 1800Flowers.com for dealing with my situation in a quick and efficient manner, going above and beyond my expectations and actually applying common sense to the situation at hand (something rarely seen these days in my opinion). Within that 8 minute call, I went from frustrated to loyal customer. Thanks again 1800Flowers.com for the top notch customer service. You have a customer for life.

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