Dumb Warning Labels Are Fun

Doesn’t everyone love a good round-up of “I can’t believe that’s necessary!”? It’s true, you know it, I know it, we all like to laugh at needless warnings of “don’t use this while sleeping” and “you probably could die from doing this.”

Forbes.com has assembled a mighty list of 25 ridiculous warning labels on various products, from warning consumers that eggs may indeed, be contained in a carton of eggs.

Some of our favorites:

• A tractor warns users to “Avoid death.” Thanks for that one!
• Letter openers from Staples warn you that the blade is sharp, which, okay, but also, “safety goggles recommended.” Get out the plastic specs, honey, it’s time to open the mail. Unfortunately, that one was actually a misprint.
• An oldie but a goodie — “Do not put any person in this washer.” Can’t tell you how many times I tried convincing my mom this was wrong when it came to sticking my little brother in the washing machine.
• MDW Outdoor Group’s fox/bobcat urine powder — “Not for human consumption.” While it sounds tempting, I will pass on the urine powder.

There are even more gems over at Forbes, check out the full list by clicking here. Let us know your faves, or submit your own examples of sheer ridiculousness.

In Pictures: 25 Stunningly Dumb Warning Labels [Forbes]

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