83-Year-Old Walmart Greeter Arrested For Attempted Armed Robbery Of Own Store

Walmart greeters are usually nice, elderly people just making some extra dough in their golden years. But even in such a pleasant group of folks, there is always going to be one rotten apple.

Police in Statesville, NC, have arrested an 83-year-old Walmart greeter on charges of attempted robbery after he allegedly pointed a gun at a fellow employee and fired shots while trying to wrest some cash from the register.

From WBTV:

After [the greeter’s] shift Sunday night, he went outside to this car to get a gun, then went into the garden center of the store, stuck a gun to an employee’s head, and made him walk to the cash register to remove money.

A witness saw [the suspect] leave the store and drive off. The witness was able to follow him and direct responding officers to his location.

As of this morning, the greeter was being held under a $75,000 bond.

Walmart greeter robs his own store after shift ends, police say [WBTV]

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