I Took The Day Off, Sears Cancels Service Appointment Without Telling Me

Reader Anthony L. isn’t too happy with Sears, and has one less vacation day to boot. He wrote in with a story of woe, after Sears canceled their appointment to service his washing machine but failed to inform him they wouldn’t be showing up.

Anthony says he took the day off work to wait for the service call, which had been scheduled between 1 and 5 p.m. He only found out his appointment had been canceled after following up on a disconnected phone call he received from Sears.

He sent Consumerist a copy of the email he submitted via Sears’ customer service web form, after informing them he would do so.

“At 11:17 EST I received a call from (800) 469-4663, which I answered on the first ring. Upon answering, the caller immediately hung up. At 2:33 PM today I had not yet heard from the the repair technician and began to worry, so I sought to call Sears.

After navigating the voicemail system and sitting on hold for 10 minutes, I was connected to an operator. After confirming my info, the operator informed me that my appointment had been canceled. She could not inform me why or who made the decision. She could not reverse the decision and refused to escalate my call to anyone else in the company. The only thing she would offer was to reschedule the service for another day, which had been canceled without notification or reason. She could not guarantee this would not happen again.

When I pressed the issue, she told me to contact customer relations and then disconnected the call.

Had I not called, I would have not known at all. Sears has wasted my time and did not even have the decency to ensure I was notified. Due to all this, I missed a day of work to stay home costing me several hundred dollars.”

He’s asking Sears for a written apology and for technician to finally repair his washer this weekend at a specific time. Fingers crossed for you, Anthony!

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