Former Spam King Released From Prison, Vows To Spam No More

A man who launched 10 trillion spam messages before he was sent away to federal prison is out after serving four years, and he’s allowed back online. He promises he’s a changed man and will no longer shower your inbox with unwanted solicitations.

In an interview with KING 5 Seattle, the former “Spam King” says you can trust his vow because a violation would send him back to the slammer.

“If I send out spam e-mails, that’s a violation of my probation. End of story. I’m being very careful. If I send out an e-mail, I’m not even going probably to CC it. I’ll send a unique e-mail to each person.”

Probation officers will hold him to his word, monitoring every email he sends and page he visits.

‘Spam King’ released from prison, now living in Seattle [KING 5 Seattle via Slashdot]

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