Report: Retailers Plan To Expand Faster Than Last Year

The stock market and gross domestic product may say the recession is over, but as long as the unemployment rate hovers near double-digits, it’s tough to believe things are going well. A report on the retail industry reveals businesses are set to improve the job market with strong expansion plans this year.

RetailCustomerExperience relays a report from retail and real estate advisory service ChainLinks, which revealed retailers plan to grow at a rate 40 percent above last year’s levels.

Says the ChainLinks research director:

“As 2010 came to a close, growth plans were up 30 percent from the levels we recorded last year. Following the strong performance during the holiday sales season, many chains further upped their growth plans.”

What changes have you noticed in the job market in your part of the country?

Retailer demand shows growth according to new report [RetailCustomerExperience]
(Thanks, James!)

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