Woman Killed Trying To Save Car From Repo Man

A California woman was crushed to death yesterday by her own car while trying to save it from repossession. Authorities still aren’t quite sure how the accident happened, but the 41-year-old was standing between her car and the tow truck, and was somehow pulled under her vehicle and dragged 40 feet. She died of internal bleeding later that night at a local hospital.

“This shouldn’t have happened. A tow truck killed her…right in her driveway!” the victim’s sister told TV station KTLA.

Police have not yet charged the tow truck driver with any wrongdoing, but are investigating the incident.


Update: Reader Angie just wrote in with a similar story from the Denver area: only in this case, a tow truck driver was dragged to his death by the vehicle he was attempting to tow.

Woman Crushed Trying to Save Car From Repo Man [KTLA] (Thanks, Harper!)

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