People Are Paying Farmers To Let Pet Dogs Herd Sheep

I’m a cat person but I have a soft spot in my heart for Border Collies. I would never own one in the city, however, because dogs that are meant to herd sheep don’t mix well with one bedroom apartments. That doesn’t stop some people, however, and according to Marketplace, some bewildered owners of herding dogs are now paying farmers to let their dogs do what they were born to do.

For $15 a day, your unemployed dog can boss around ducks or sheep. For $20, Fluffy can try his paw at a mix of both, and, pending availability, for $25 he can take on some cattle.

From Marketplace:

When herding dogs don’t have an opportunity to round up livestock, they devote that extra energy to nipping at your kids’ heels as they ride their bikes or chewing up the house.

Greta knows firsthand. She’s here with her young Border Collie, Tess.

Greta : She destroyed some Oriental carpets — every single one she chewed the edges. I ended up duct-taping them to the floor to keep her from chewing them.

Dornfeld: How much were those worth?

Greta: About $5,000 each.

Farmers get paid to let pet dogs herd their sheep [Marketplace]

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