Making The Case For Elizabeth Warren & The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The new U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau isn’t even up and running yet, and already it seems its funding could be in trouble. Prof. Elizabeth Warren, the champion of the bureau, is trying to protect her project in the face of a conservative House majority.

The organization, birthed last year during the Dodd-Frank financial reform, would bring together the seven government agencies already in place with consumers’ interests in mind. Reuter’s Prism Money blog contends that Harvard Law School’s Warren is a champion worth protecting.

Warren is a bank watchdog, intent on protecting consumers who might be subject to banking and credit abuses.

Warren feels the problem lies in the hits the middle class has been taking in the face of the credit industry’s determined, bank-friendly marketing. Fees, finance charges, high rates are all big problems for families struggling just to pay the bills.

The agency won’t be up and running until July and Warren has yet to be dubbed its head. Prism urges those who’d like to see the bureau get off the ground to contact your senators and congressman to “urge them to leave the bureau’s funding alone.” You can also ask your credit union or community bank directly to support the independent funding of the organization.

for a list of U.S. Senators and HERE to write your rep in the House of Representatives.

Why Elizabeth Warren needs your help to police the banks [Reuters]

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