Personal Finance Roundup

Dust Off Your Network [Free Money Finance] “If you think you might find yourself on the job market in the next six months, you should have the foresight to start by dusting off your network.”

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund [Money Watch] “Here are five timely ways to make the most of your lump sum refund.”

4 Ways Breast-Feeding Saves Money [Wise Bread] “Here are some reasons why breast-feeding can save money.”

Your Parents and Their Money: Seven Issues You Need to Address [Wallet Pop] “Here are seven ways to break the ice on some of the toughest conversations that you and your mom and dad should have.”

9 Great Investment Moves to Make Now [Kiplinger] “Even if the markets stumble, you can keep your portfolio steady with these smart investing strategies.”


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