5 Fee-Ridden, High-Interest Credit Cards To Avoid

It’s a dangerous world out there when it comes to dodging credit cards with sky-high fees and interest rates that could palpitate any heart. Let’s go ahead and check out a few of the ones you might do well to avoid, shall we?

CNNMoney lays out the cards they think are the very worst, whether it’s because interest rates sit in the upper reaches of ridiculousness or the company takes away a tidy fee for the honor of providing you credit.

Applied Bank Unsecured Visa Gold Card: A $500 line of credit comes with a $125 annual fee that increases to $180 after a year. Interest rate: 29.99%.

First Premier Bank MasterCard: A nice little APR of 59.99% coupled with fees of more than $120. So not cool.

Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard: Loaded with fees, this one costs just $14.95 to buy in the first place.

Hooters MasterCard: Yes, there is a Hooters MasterCard. And if you frequent that bastion of shortie shorts often, you can get five points on the dollar when you spend there. But then you also get an APR that can reach 25.45% and an annual fee of $48 in the first year and $4 each month after.

Shell Select Member Card: As if prices at the pump weren’t already frustrating, this card comes with a 24.99% APR and a $25 annual fee.

For the complete list, check out CNNMoney.

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