Facebook "Like" Button Swallows Up "Share" Function

Facebook’s “like” button is more than just Lil Wayne’s plaything. It’s now an all-powerful method of endorsement and conduit for viral spreading.

Mashable reports a Facebook update has phased out the “share” function and rolled it into “like.” Now clicking “like” on an item will post an entry on your wall, complete with a thumbnail, blurb and headline. Others who follow you will have the info pop up in their news streams, no doubt leading to overactive “like”-ers to have their posts hidden by friends.

A Facebook spokesperson called the change a “test,” saying “We’re always testing new products that incorporate developer feedback as we work to improve the Platform experience, and have no details to share at this time.”

If the change sticks, will it alter the way you use the “like” button?

Facebook Like Button Takes Over Share Button Functionality [Mashable]

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