When Couponers Don't Know Math, Hilarity Ensues

You would think we might be enemies with a site called “The Customer Is Not Always Right” but we are not. Especially when we find among their collection of reader-submitted anecdotes from the frontlines of retail a little gem like the rude customer who insists on bad math and losing money.

Via (The Customer Is) Not Always Right:

Customer: *hands me two identical coupons*

Me: “You want to use two 20% off coupons? That takes two dollars off each item. Using a five dollar off one would save you an extra dollar. Would you rather use that one?”

Customer: “But using these two coupons saves me more.”

Me: “Actually, you only save four dollars by using those. The five dollar one would save you more.”

Customer: “But using more coupons saves more money!”

Me: “That one coupon is worth more savings than those two, though. That coupon would save you a dollar more, and you can use those two 20% ones another day. Five dollars is more than four dollars.”

Customer: “No, it’s not! I don’t understand how you think that!”

Hee hee. It’s like a whole site dedicated to the “Bad Consumer” tag on Consumerist.

Why Math Counts [(The Customer Is) Not Always Right)]

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