Man Sues Walgreens For Giving Him Wart Remover Instead Of Eye Drops

A Walgreens customer in NYC is suing the drugstore chain for $1 million, alleging they mistakenly gave him wart remover when his prescription called for eyedrops.

According to the NY Post, the man had routine eye surgery and was given a prescription for Durezol, the brand name for difluprednate, a corticosteroid used to treat post-operative ocular inflammation and pain.

Instead, claims the plaintiff, he was given the similarly named Durasal, a salicylic acid solution used to remove warts.

Not surprisingly, when he put the wart remover in his eye, he says he suffered “grievous personal injury.”

As you can see from the image above, the box for Durasal says “Not for use in eyes,” though we have no idea if he received the box or if this message is repeated on the bottle.

At least he didn’t make the same mistake as this woman.

I got wart Rx as eyedrops: suit [NY Post]

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