Botox May Help Some Women Below The Belt Too

While a lot of people are using Botox to iron out the creases above the neck, doctors say that some women can also benefit below the belt from the injection’s non-cosmetic effects.

Doctors are now conducting FDA-approved studies on whether or not Botox can help with severe cases of vaginismus, a painful spasm of the vaginal muscles that can make vaginal penetration difficult, painful or impossible. The condition has a wide variety of causes, ranging from scarring to anxiety.

“Almost to a patient, they say it’s like hitting a brick wall,” says a plastic surgeon involved in the clinical trials. “Most patients I treat are unable to consummate, unable to have a family.”

Patients are sedated and then given Botox injections at the entrance of the vagina.


When they wake up, the women find that they are relaxed enough to allow penetration and, soon, to have normal sex with their husbands or partners. [Dr.] Pacik has treated 78 patients so far and all but one have virtually been cured after a single session, he said.

“We’re like honeymooners,” said one patient, who hadn’t been able to have sex with her husband in a dozen years. “This is so exciting. This is what it should have been 30 years ago.”

Botox for your bits? Shot may smooth over sex problems [MSNBC]

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