Ticketmaster Charges $327.50 In Fees For One Florence And The Machine Ticket?

Ticketmaster is known for getting away with charging high service fees for its tickets thanks to its effective monopoly over the concert business, but reader Mark noticed a fee that really takes the cake — and smashes it! Right now a ticket for a Florence and the Machine show is showing up as having $327.50 in fees. Talk about a kiss with a fist!

Now, the tickets can’t actually be bought so no one is getting hurt, but you’ve got to wonder: typo or business model being taken to its logical conclusion?

UPDATE: It’s already fixed and the fee is now a more reasonable $5. In other news, Ticketmaster reads Consumerist!

UPDATE 2: Now it’s $12. Guess I shouldn’t have called their fee reasonable.

“Tickets aren’t even on sale yet,” said a Ticketmaster spokesperson when reached for comment. “They’re setting up the event right now.”

Florence and the Machine [Ticketmaster]

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