If You're Going To Send Her A Bunch Of Expensive Cookies, Make Sure She Likes Cookies First

And now, a more cynical selection from the mailbag of Valentine’s Day Consumerist love stories. Gus plunked down a load of dough to buy up some fancy cookie dough products to try to impress a long-distance unrequited love, but reality failed to rise to meet his hopes.

Gus writes:

My sophomore year at Ohio State, I decided to give a friend who moved out of state a Valentine’s Day gift. I liked her, but never really knew how to communicate it.

I wanted the gift to really mean something, so I bought it from Cheryl and Co, an Ohio based cookie company.

I spent about a half hour, carefully selecting the best cookies, trying to tie them to stories of our high school days. I also tried to remember what flavors of cookie and candy that she had commented about whenever we went out. The woman at the store was fantastic, helping me and being very patient.

I mailed them out and never got a response about it. Turns out, the girl had become anorexic while at college.

While I think the lack of a response probably had more to do with her being freaked out by your surprise professing of emotions than whatever eating disorder rumor you heard, it just goes to show that spending a bunch of cash isn’t going to guarantee a great Valentine’s Day present. Just because it’s V-day doesn’t make it open season to try to buy yourself a relationship.

Send in your true tales of product-centered love, romance and heartbreak to ben@consumerist.com, subject line, “I heart love.”

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