Cabby Pleads Guilty To Ripping Passenger Off For $800k

The car service driver accused of ripping off a Hong Kong feng-shui master for over $800,000 on his credit card has plead guilty, New York Post reports.

The guy paid with his AmEx and the driver who took him from New Jersey where his private jet landed used the card number over the next few months in an extended spending spree. The fraudulent charges, which were sometimes as much as $19,000 in one month, went unnoticed until one of the bank’s fraud specialists noticed the suspicious activity.

Yet again, this is why you should always check your monthly credit card statements for unknown charges, even if you are an international expert in moving furniture around.

Cabby admits 800G rip-off [New York Post] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

The $800,000 Cab Ride

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