Are Any Luxury Dog Items Worth The Price?

Most dog owners try to do everything they can for their pooch without crossing the line into heiress-with-poodle-in-her-handbag territory. But with pet shops and online specialty stores flooded with indulgences for your dog, it’s tough to determine what is worth buying and which are superfluous.

Money Funk helps out by recommending some extravagances while advising you to avoid others.

Among the doggie-“dos” are orthopedic dog beds (soft foam can be easier on the joints), homemade dog treats and organic dog food (better to avoid preservatives). And heading up the Don’t list are high-end clothes, ritzy furniture and expensive dog bowls.

Speaking of ridiculous purchases for your pooch, the ladies at have compiled this round-up of pricey products for your canine companion, including this $140 wedding dress and a day at the Harrod’s Pet Spa.

If you own a pet, what’s the most expensive item you’ve bought it?

Luxury Items for Your Dog: What to Buy, What Not to Buy [Money Funk]

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