Best Buy Using 28-Day Netflix Delay To Push DVD Sales

Since Netflix began making agreements with movie studios to wait 28 days before renting out new releases, Blockbuster has been making the biggest deal about its ability to rent movies on the release date. But now it looks like Best Buy has decided to remind movie watchers that it still sells DVDs and that they don’t have to wait to get them.

Over at HackingNetflix, they have a scan of this Best Buy flier in which the retailer lets people know they will have to wait an agonizing month before they can get the Katherine Heigl flick Life As We Know It from Netflix or Redbox.

Is this going to work for Best Buy and other retailers?

It would seem that those who want to buy a movie are going to buy it and that those who want to rent it aren’t going to pay full retail price for a new DVD, especially since most of these titles are available for rental via on-demand or through iTunes or Amazon.

BestBuy Now Promoting DVD New Releases with “Not Available to Rent on Netflix…” []

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