Texas Restaurant Reaps The Sweet Benefits Of Being Stadium's Neighbor

Bill Hensley’s Fish Bone Grill in Arlington, Texas was facing a meager future a few years ago, caught in the grip of the recession doing just okay business. As he says, he’s not sure his restaurant would’ve survived. But then, like a huge, domed savior, the new Cowboys Stadium plopped down across the street.

Things are pretty sweet for Hensley’s business these days. Even if there’s no game that day, Jerry Jones’ stadium still hosts concerts and other big events that in turn, bring crowds to the 25-year-old Fish Bone Grill.

“I tell people that Mr. Jones had a dream, and we just happened to be in it,” says Hensley, adding that business triples on the day of events.

He expects to serve about 300 people on Super Bowl Sunday, and will also be reaping the benefits of having 100 parking spots to rent out.

The fee for those spots? Hensley’s charging a tidy $375 per car and $1,200 for RVs.

“It’s just like Christmas in February,” he says.

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