Tweeting Disney's President Over Missed BOGO Nets Free Gift Card

Jonathan was at first stoked to get two Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plushies for $28, usually $16.50 each. He was going to give one to his sister and keep the other one. Then a week later buyer’s remorse struck like a piano dropped from 30 stories above, squashing his hopes into the size of a quarter. There was a new deal – buy one get one free! So he reached out and Tweeted someone, Disney Store President Jim Fielding.

Jonathan writes:

My exact tweet was:

“I bought 2 Oswald plushies last Thursday at (which are on their way) and now they’re buy 1 get 1 free. Ahem. ;]”

As you can see, it was all in good humor. If he had never responded back or simply replied, “I’m sorry to hear about your situation,” I would have been fine with that, because this happens all the time to people, and it’s really not a big deal, at least in this situation to me. Like I said, I was just curious to see what he thought, considering he had responded to some of my tweets in the past. I received this response:

“DM me, so I can have guest services contact you”

Obviously, I simultaneously received an e-mail saying his twitter account was now following me. I was shocked! I followed his instructions and send him this message to his inbox:

“Hi Mr. Fielding! My order # is ###### & my name is Jonathan Arguello. I had the 2 for $28 deal but buy 1 get 1 free is so much better :]”

The next morning, Dawn, from the Disney Store online called me and left me a message saying she had been notified of the situation and that she’d like to, “offer some resolution.” I called the number back and after being on hold for less than ten minutes, I was connected to someone just as polite-sounding as Dawn. I explained the situation to the woman (whose name slips my mind) and she put me on hold for about 30 seconds. When she came back, she apologized and offered to compensate me with an online $15 Disney store gift card. Wow! I was really excited and thanked her, and she went on to say it would arrive in my inbox within 24-48 hours. It just arrived a few hours ago.

So, in summary: Twitter + amazing customer — I mean — guest service = overwhelming sensation of gratitude. The convenience of being able to reach out to the president of the Disney stores so easily and having him respond so quickly only adds to my love and respect for the Disney company. As we move more into the future and technological advancements replace any and everything that is outdated, Disney manages to preserve something old that doesn’t need any upgrading: guest satisfaction. Walt would be proud.

– Jonathan

Nice! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen some cool customer service gained by Tweeting at company reps on Twitter but it’s nice to see it keeps working. If you have a customer service issue, try looking up high up people at the company and seeing if they have Twitter account. Tweeting at them might just get you some good results.

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