Verizon Refuses To Believe That They Have Your Router And DVR

Andre has had issues with a Verizon equipment return spanning almost an entire year. Verizon claims that they never received the FiOS equipment that he sent back in March of last year. Andre sent the equipment back, and has the UPS tracking information to prove it. Verizon doesn’t think that he did, and has sent a collection agency after him for the $1800 he supposedly owes.

I am trying to straighten out a returned equipment issue I am having with Verizon. I returned [a FiOS router, an HD DVR, HD set top box, and SD set top box] to them last year in March and Verizon received it. A week later I got a bill from Verizon for non-returned equipment. I called them and gave them the tracking number for the equipment, I already had to call twice prior to that for the shipping labels. Well they said okay we have the equipment we will take care of it.

Now this year I received a bill from a Collection agency on the Behalf of Verizon for $1800. The same total the gave me for the non-returned equipment. I called the collection agency and gave them the tracking number and information a week ago and on February 1, 2011 I got another later from the Collection agency saying the same thing they checked with Verizon and It is correct.

I still have my receipt when I shipped the stuff off to Verizon and the tracking information. The equipment was packaged securely in the packaging they sent me. They just refuse to correct their mistake.

Other readers have been able to solve intractable situations with a call to executive customer service (212-321-8463) or an e-mail to CEO Ivan Seidenberg ( Good luck.

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