5 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off On Super Bowl Tickets

The Better Business Bureau sent out an alert to warn fans about Super Bowl ticket cons. The advice is geared specifically toward Sunday’s big game, but rings true for most sporting events:

The BBB advises that you don’t:

Believe you’re lucky. Market forces dictate that there will be no bargains when it comes to buying Super Bowl Tickets. If you find tickets that seem unreasonably cheap, they’re most likely fake.

Wire money to someone you don’t know. Money-wiring solicitations are notorious red flags for fraud. The BBB recommends you pay via credit card or PayPal in order to receive protection.

Avoid research. If you buy online, ask for a picture of the tickets to make sure they’re marked with seats that actually exist, and that your view will merit the price.

Buy from scalpers at the stadium. It’s easy to be rushed into a quick bad deal because of the urgency of a face-to-face meeting.

Buy from a disreputable ticket broker. If you’ve never dealt with the company you’re about to purchase tickets from, check them out online to see if there are complaints.

If you’ve got a Super Bowl ticket, you can visit this NFL site for ways to see if it’s legit.

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