Consumer Reports Warns Against Top 5 Super Bowl Party Fouls

Publishing pal Consumer Reports has got their list of top 5 Super Bowl party fouls to watch out for this Sunday. We’re not just talking double-dipping or seat stealing, but some important ways to make sure your party is safe and fun. For instance, you don’t want to get flagged for a “false start” by undercooking your meats!

Consumer Reports Home & Garden Blog:

False start: …Meat dishes…that aren’t cooked to the USDA’s recommended safe minimum internal temperatures. A meat thermometer is a kitchen essential. Plan the game-day around first-half and second-half courses. Once served, perishable food should not sit at room temperature for more than two hours. One of our top-performing slow cookers could give you one less dish to worry about.

Are you planning a Super Bowl party? What’s your pregame to make sure your casa is ready?

The top 5 Super Bowl party fouls [Consumer Reports Home & Garden Blog]

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