Personal Finance Roundup

7 Reasons Why Bond Ladders Are Bad for Investors [Money Watch] “My case against ladders.”

3 Steps to Strengthen Your Emergency Fund [Christian Personal Finance] “There are basically three things you need to analyze about your emergency fund, and then make the appropriate changes.”

Don’t settle for less than the best in your 401(k) plan [Market Watch] “What are the best features for a 401(k) plan?”

How to Get a Free FICO Credit Score [Money Talks News] “New rules that might deliver a free look at your score started this Jan. 1.”

The Costs of End-of-Life Care [Wall Street Journal] “Whatever you think health-care costs are going to be toward the end of life, you’ve probably underestimated.”



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  1. bIANCod says:

    If you are looking for ways to improve your credit score, add paying your rent on time to the list. Here is the proof: Experian starts using rental payment data to figure credit scores Rental payment information is now a factor in credit reports issued by Experian, a leading U.S. credit bureau. Experian is the first credit bureau to use data about having to pay rent promptly, instead of having to pay rent late, to impact credit scores.