Verizon Refunds Snowpocalypse Mobile Overages

Here are two nuggets of delicious customer service in one e-mail. Brock spent hours on the phone during one of America’s recent massive snowstorms trying to straighten out his air travel plans. This made him use up cell phone minutes and rack up huge overage charges, which Verizon partially refunded. Oh, and JetBlue was extremely helpful too–once he got through.

I opened my Verizon bill this month and was shocked by $82 in overage charges. I got caught up in the holiday travel snowpocalypse and spent a couple of hours on hold with JetBlue to get canceled flights sorted out. It turns out calling toll free numbers on a cell phone still costs you minutes. Who knew? Not me!

To make a short story short, I called Verizon and plead my ignorance and they quickly offered me a $50 credit to help with the unexpected bill. Good enough for me and another reason I love Verizon for my cell phone.

To tell the JetBlue story, they refunded my canceled flights in full (including my even more legroom fees and taxes) and helped me find flights on another airline connecting through Phoenix instead of JFK so I still got to spend New Years with my girlfriend.

So there you have it, two stories of great customer service in one!

Your public service announcement for the day: yes, calling toll-free numbers counts against your cell phone minutes.

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