Why You Should Insure Trophies You Send In The Mail

Jason takes part in a long-distance fantasy football league in which past winners of the championship trophy send the prize to the next season’s victor. Well, at least that used to be the routine until the most recent mailing of the prize did to the trophy what the Packers did to Jay Cutler.

Jason writes:

I am writing to ask for advice in a dispute with the US Postal Service. My group of friends created a nice fantasy football trophy to honor a friend of ours who passed away from cancer last year. This trophy was to be shipped to the newest victor this week, and it was with disastrous results.

The guy who shipped it wrapped the trophy in bubble wrap about 2 to 3 inches deep, and secured it with no room to give in a “if it fits it ships” box. The box arrived yesterday looking like it was sent through a tornado, and the trophy torn apart into 3 pieces, with a bolt even missing from the box. He did not insure the box, and that is our fault I know, but how can you ever expect a package to go through hell like this?

I want to confront the postal service and have it replaced. They completely destroyed a treasured tribute to a friend, and I just don’t know if i even stand a chance. Any advice would be helpful.

If you ship items with sentimental value, do you spring for insurance or take your chances in the USPS hit parade?

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