Man Pays For Escort, Sues For Subsequent Threat Of Arrest

Ugh it is like, sooo annoying when you pay a prostitute to have sex and then you get arrested and it’s very upsetting and so you have to sue! A tourist in Las Vegas claims he was traumatized after police threatened him with arrest post-prostitute coitus in his hotel room.

The nerve of officials to arrest someone who has apparently committed an illegal act! Sarcasm entirely ours. The tourist from New York City filed a lawsuit against Las Vegas Exclusive Personals saying claiming various hilarious things, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The college student gave an interview saying he was staying at the Stratosphere on Dec. 17, when a stripper he ordered from LVEP showed up to his room to dance. He claims he paid her $155 to strip and do a lap dance, and then $120 to perform a sex act. Blackman says he called LVEP the next morning and said the woman he hired didn’t stay for a whole hour, and only stuck around for a half hour.

He couldn’t make an informed agreement with the stripper, however as he says he was drunk. This was all revealed when the fella, upset at not getting a refund, contacted Metro Place. They told him, guess what? You should probably be arrested.

Somehow this guy evaded arrest, came home to NYC and filed suit in federal court, charging “An escort did an illegal sexual act on me during her paid service to me” and “I almost had gotten arrested.”

There is so much more fun stuff going on here, including claims of needing medical treatment for a mental condition resulting from the incident and a requested $1.8 million in damages, but for now we’re just going to say, dude, you hired a prostitute. And told police about it. Come on!

Las Vegas tourist sues for refund after sex act led to’tragic’ arrest threatD [Las Vegas Sun]

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